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NEW Xiaomi Smart Home Outdoor Camera AW300 IP66 2K 256GB Night Vision WiFi Video Surveillance IP




Brand Name: MIUI

Connectivity: WIFI

Style: Bullet Camera

High Definition: 3.0 Megapixels

Audio Output: Two Way Audio

Color: WHITE

Power Mode: Mains Electricity

App name: mihome

Origin: Mainland China

IR Distance(m): 7m

Viewing Angle : 110°

Lens (mm): 2MM

IP Rating: IP66

Storage: 256GB

Operating Temperature: -30 °-60 °

Supported Operating Systems: No

AI Functions: Human Detection

Megapixels: 3MP

Scene: Outdoor

Dimensions (L x W x D)(mm): 73*70*75mm

Color Night Vision: YES

Shell Material: Plastic

Installation: Wall Mounted

Installation: Pendant Mount

Alarm Action: FTP Photo

Alarm Action: Local Alarm

Video Compression Format: H.265

Smart home platform: Mi Home

Choice: yes

NOTE: This product version is for the China region. When adding cameras, please select the Chinese server in the Mijia settings.


*2K Ultra HD Image Quality;

*IP66 Dust and Waterproof;

*Four-Lamp Full-Color Night Vision;

*24-Hour Real-Time Monitoring;

*Smart Electronic Fence ;

*Two-Way Voice Intercom ;

*Audio and Visual Alarm Defense ;

*Multi-Screen Display


Product Name: Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300

Product Model: MBC10

Power Input: 12V/1A

Product Dimensions: 173 × 70 × 75mm

Product Weight: 249g; Focal Length: 4mm

Resolution: 2304 × 1296

Storage Options: MicroSD Card (Supports Minimum 16GB and Maximum 256GB) / Cloud Storage

Dust and Waterproof Rating: IP66

Video Encoding: H.265

Night Vision: 2×850nm Infrared Lights, 2×LED Warm Lights

Operating Temperature: -30°C to 60°C

Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

Supported Systems: Android 8.0 or iOS 12 and above

CMIIT ID: 2022DP11188

Compliance Standard: GB8898-2011

Packing List

①Outdoor Camera × 1

Detonation Sticker × 1

③Power adapter (with 3M power cable) × 1

④Expansion Bolts × 3

⑤Screws × 3

⑥User Manual × 1

⑦Waterproof Tape

Purchase and Installation Instructions

Please note that installation services are not provided for this product. Kindly follow the instructions in the user manual and installation videos for the installation process.

1.Select the wall installation location.

2.Affix positioning stickers and drill holes.

3.Install expansion bolts into the holes.

4.Secure the base with screws.

5.Loosen the base adjustment screws to make angle adjustments.

①Ball Head; ②Base; ③Bottom Bracket; ④Bottom Adjustment Screw

*Regarding the power cord: The product includes a 3m adapter power cord. If the length does not meet your needs, please purchase a DC power extension cord separately.

Must-See Before Buying

1. The standard package does not include a memory card. When using a MicroSD card of 256GB or lower, it needs to be formatted before use to avoid any impact on functionality.

2. The device’s waterproof performance is verified before leaving the factory. The screws on the MicroSD card protective cover are tightened. Upon receipt, simply hold the screwdriver in place and turn the screw to loosen it. After use, tighten the screw to prevent water from entering the product, which may affect its functionality.

3. Avoid overexposure in the night vision image due to obstacles such as walls, tree leaves, etc., within 60cm in front of the camera, as it may affect the actual usage experience.

Outdoor Camera AW300

2K Full-Color Night Vision, Fearless Rain or Shine Smart Security

①2K Ultra HD Image Quality; ②IP66 Dust and Waterproof; ③Four-Lamp Full-Color Night Vision; ④24-Hour Real-Time Monitoring; ⑤Smart Electronic Fence ; ⑥Two-Way Voice Intercom ; ⑦Audio and Visual Alarm Defense ; ⑧Multi-Screen Display

High-angle wide-angle overhead view, precise coverage of the surveillance area

2K Ultra Clear Image Quality

Utilizing a 3 million pixel ultra-clear CMOS sensor, professional-grade optical lens, to capture high-definition scene changes. Employing WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology to handle various complex outdoor environments.

①2K image quality; ②1080P image quality

Full-color night vision with four lights

Built-in 2 high-power white lights + 2 infrared lights, intelligent full-color night vision, clear imaging in the dark. When someone passes by, the white lights automatically turn on for supplementary lighting, ensuring a full-color image in nighttime conditions.

③Detection of human figures; ④Black and white night vision

*Human detection range extends to 7 meters

Smart electronic fence, focus on key areas in the frame

Recognizing changes in the frame or human movement within the electronic fence area, it promptly notifies the owner through the mobile phone, while also avoiding unnecessary notifications for movements outside the electronic fence.

Audio-visual warning for deterrence, actively alerting to drive away danger.

If an intruder enters the electronic fence area, the camera initiates an audible alarm and high-frequency flashing lights to deter them.

*Tested by the MoXiang Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, it can detect and recognize human figures within 7 meters. Sensitivity can be adjusted in the Mi Home app.

Real-time voice intercom

Built-in high-power speaker and high-fidelity microphone, making the voice clearly audible even when installed at a high position.

Support multi-angle surveillance, real-time multi-screen view

You can view the real-time footage from multiple cameras simultaneously on devices such as TV, tablets, and smartphones through the Mi Home app, supporting simultaneous viewing of up to 4 camera feeds.

*To do this, download the Mi Home app and bind multiple devices to your Mi Home account. Currently, four-split screen full-screen viewing is only supported on TV and will be gradually extended to more devices. Video playback supports 1/4/16x historical record playback.

Mi Home ecosystem smart linkage, all-in-one outdoor security

When anomalies are detected in products such as smart door locks, door/window sensors, the camera can capture video, send notifications, and trigger audio and visual alarms.

*Xiaomi AI Speaker, Xiaomi Gateway, smart door locks, door/window sensors, and other Mi Home linkage devices need to be purchased separately.

IP66-rated dust and waterproof

*The camera operates at temperatures ranging from -30°C to 60°C, based on test results from MoXiang Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Variations in the objective environment may introduce some margin of error during use.

Easy installation and networking, flexible surveillance angles.

The camera base is fixed with screws for easy installation. The base comes with a rotating universal joint, allowing you to adjust the angle freely according to your surveillance needs.

*When installing, make sure the speaker port is facing downwards, do not reverse it.

High-gain external Wi-Fi antenna for longer video transmission distance, good penetration, and enhanced anti-interference capabilities.

Video transmission is fully encrypted with Mi Home security chip and AES 128-bit encryption algorithm, providing a secure privacy protection shield.

*Even when maintaining a distance of 100 meters from the wireless router in an open environment, it can still function properly.

Flexible storage options, free 7-day home monitoring assistant cloud storage.

Video recording supports various storage options, ensuring that critical video information is not lost in case of device loss. The Mi Home app provides free 7-day rolling home monitoring assistant cloud storage service for the device.

Efficient H.265 video stream transmission, bid farewell to buffering.

New generation H.265 video encoding technology, saving video storage space. The connection is more stable under the same network conditions, and mobile viewing provides smooth, non-buffering video.

*The home monitoring assistant cloud storage service stores 9-second event videos every 3 minutes. To store complete event videos, you need to purchase the VIP cloud storage feature separately. Purchasing a microSD card separately allows for continuous storage of 7×24 hours of surveillance video, with actual storage time depending on the microSD card’s storage capacity.


*Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 supports an IP66 waterproof rating. Please do not use it in excessively humid or potentially water-prone environments, such as steam rooms or submersion in water, to avoid product malfunctions.

*The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 product packaging does not include a microSD storage card. If you wish to use local storage, you need to prepare one yourself. The product supports a maximum capacity of 256GB and only supports the FAT32 format. If you use a microSD storage card with a capacity of 64GB or higher, there may be issues with format recognition. To resolve this, enter the Mi Home app, go to the AW300 camera product page, and click ‘Format the storage card’ on the ‘Storage Management’ page to format the storage card to FAT32 before use. During the storage card formatting process, existing content on the storage card will be deleted, so please back up any important data in advance. After installing or removing the microSD card, be sure to install the dust cover above the card slot to prevent water from entering and affecting normal use.

*The product’s QR code is located at the rear of the product. It is recommended to scan and bind the QR code before installation to avoid inconvenience after installation.

*The product’s operating temperature is -30°C to 60°C, while the adapter’s operating temperature is -30°C to 45°C, and the adapter body is not waterproof. It is recommended to place the adapter body indoors for use. The operating temperature is based on test results from the MoXiang laboratory and may vary in actual use due to objective environmental changes.

*Cloud storage is a paid feature and requires the activation of cloud storage service to use it.

*If you need to use a power extension cord, please use the included adapter with the product. It is recommended to use a 22-gauge wire with a DC port diameter of 4.0mm. The maximum recommended length for the extension cord is 10 meters.

*Note: When using an extension cord, please pay attention to waterproofing at the connection point.

Packing List

①Outdoor Camera × 1

Detonation Sticker × 1

③Power adapter (with 3M power cable) × 1

④Expansion Bolts × 3

⑤Screws × 3

⑥User Manual × 1

⑦Waterproof Tape

Plug Type

European regulations


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