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Redmi Gaming Monitor G24





Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Matrix color depth: 8 bit

Refresh rate sync technology: Adaptive Sync

High-Dynamic Range: HDR10

Refresh Rate: 165Hz

Vertical Viewing Angle: 80°

Screen Type: Widescreen

Horizontal Viewing Angle: 178°

Built-in Speaker: No

Black and White Response Time: 5 ms

Application: Desktop

Pixel Pitch: 0.25mm

Panel Type: VA (soft screen)

Contrast Ratio: 3000:1

Interface Type: HDMI-Compatible

Brightness: 300cd/m

Display Ratio: 16:9

Display Size: 23.8″

Resolution: 1920 x 1080


Original Xiaomi Redmi Gaming Monitor G24 23.8 Inch Ultra-high 165Hz Refresh Rate 120%sRGB Wide Color HDR

  • The whole people’s G era

  • Redmi esports display G24

  • 165Hz refresh rate | 1ms response time │HDR10

-165Hz ultra-high refresh rate * is fast enough and smooth enough to lock the start.
165 frames per second e-sports level ultra-high refresh, even if the high-speed dynamic picture, it can be silky smooth.
Say goodbye to Caton and smear, and you can lock in the victory at the beginning.

23.8-inch esports screen
Blood help, one step closer to victory.

The 3.8-inch E-sports screen (1920×1080) keeps the details of the field, and helps you get one step closer to victory on the bloody field.

-1ms responds quickly to critical moments, accurate enough!

MPRT technology can quickly convey the picture to your vision, accurately present the picture, easily capture the details of the picture, and help the critical moment.

Adaptive-Sync synchronization technology is the decisive moment, which is stable enough!

Support G-Sync and Free-Sync functions to turn on, keep the transmission frame rate of graphics card and monitor synchronized, and prevent the fast dynamic picture from tearing up. The decisive moment,

The 3500: 1 high static contrast ratio is well-defined and leaves no room.

3500: 1 high static contrast, stronger hierarchical expression, richer details in the bright part and dark part, and more accurate display of game environment information. The enemy has a panoramic view, leaving no room.

HDR display enhancement, Hot-blooded confrontation, rich in details

This machine chip supports HDR high dynamic display. By adjusting the screen brightness, the screen saturation is higher, making the game image more realistic.

120% sRGB color gamut* True color, blood release

The expansion of sRGB color gamut area accurately displays 16.7 million colors (native 8bit), with richer color levels, smooth and natural transition, more realistic colors and stronger sense of game presence.

Delta < 2 high color standard * is adjusted one by one, and it’s a real-life stadium.

Each monitor has undergone professional-grade color accuracy adjustment before leaving the factory, so it can calmly deal with many scenes in office and entertainment, and can also serve as a professional visual work.
Long-term use can reduce the damage to eyes.

With global DC dimming technology, it can achieve high screen without flashing. After the low blue light mode is turned on, it can effectively filter short-wave blue light, and it is very comfortable to use eyes for a long time.

Simple design
Convenient line management and comfortable escort

Equipped with smart hub, it is convenient to arrange the lines, bid farewell to the confusion of lines, and easily keep the desktop clean and tidy.


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