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Xiaomi Multifunctional Chest Bag Sports Leisure Waist Bag Outdoor Sports Shoulder Bag Belt Bag Pouch




Brand Name: xiaomi

Communication method: Other

Origin: Mainland China

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Model Number: M1100214

Basic parameters

Product model: M1100214

Product material: fabric-artificial leather + fabric

Product volume: about 2.25L

Product size: 380mm×160mm×60mm

Product color: black
Product weight: about 0.29Kg

Xiaomi Multifunctional Leisure Chest Bag
Xiaomi Multifunctional Chest Bag

*Small and delicate, light travel
* Quadruple layered space
* Can be filled with water bottles
* Lightweight, skin-friendly and wear-resistant back pair
* Trend simplicity design

Get rid of the complex and simplify, and create your own travel equipment

Everyone needs to carry some necessary items for daily travel, sports or work. Naturally, there must be enough space, fashionable and comfortable breast bag to accommodate the necessary items.

Four layer partition storage structure, small body, large capacity

Front card position, convenient travel

There are independent bus slots in the front compartment. Please brush your bags when you get on the bus. Elastic rope key chain, easy to use, with access

The middle kettle can hold 500ML kettle

Outdoor travel water is essential. The front compartment of the bag is connected with the main compartment through elastic mesh cloth on the side of the bag body, which can hold up to 500ML water bottle or folding umbrella for convenient travel.

Multiple storage of main storehouse, take at will, want to load

The main warehouse is equipped with multiple storage bags, which can store mobile phones, earphones, wallets, mobile power supplies and other necessities of life, and even a game machine or a game machine

Hidden items back warehouse, own small space

The small hidden space adds a layer of protection to prevent theft, and is close to the inside of the body to store important documents or belongings.

Lightweight, skin-friendly, wear-resistant back pair, with a delicate touch and no pilling.

Lightweight wear-resistant material is used for the back pair. The hand feels delicate and close to the skin. It is not easy to make the clothes pilling for a long time. It does not stain with light-colored clothes.

Water-repellent water-repellent coating surface, easy to care for, lazy essential

The professional outdoor film adhesive material is used. It feels soft and wrinkle-free.

Rain does not invade, splashes do not seep

The front material of the bag body is specially treated with a water-repellent coating, which supports a maximum of 4 levels of water-repellent. The rain and snow weather protection protects the contents of the bag from getting wet, and the surface is dry after wipe.


Front pocket, main pocket YKK custom zipper, smooth and smooth

We use YKK custom zippers in the main and front pockets, which are smooth and smooth, and don’t get stuck.

Simple and casual design, can be used as a waist bag



Details show excellent quality

*Nylon shoulder strap, smooth weight loss, tough and soft *Custom high-end buckle,Sturdy and wear-resistant *The self-locking structure of the kettle compartment protects the kettle from slipping out easily

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