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Origin: Mainland China

Plug Type: US plug

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Features: Slot

Gyro: Xiaomi Smart Automatic Pets Water Drinking Dispenser

Model Number: XWWF01MG

Control Channels: 2 Channels

Max Speed: Xiaomi Smart Automatic Pets Water Drinking Dispenser

Scale: 1:5

Certification: CE


Original Xiaomi Smart Automatic Pets Water Drinking Dispenser Fountain Dog Cat Pet Mute Drink Feeder Bowl For Xiaomi Mijia APP
Specification :
Brand :Xiaomi
Model :XWWF01MG
Material: ABS
Color: White
Weight : 1.3kg
Size: 191 x 191 x 177mm
Voltage: DC 5.9V / 1A
Capacity: 2L
Package Includes :
1 x Automatic Pet Drinking Dispenser
1 x Water Dispenser Filter
1x Power cable
1x Manual

Flowing “living water”, active oxygen circulation waterway, sufficient drinking water, away from diseases
Is a natural choice for pets
For animals, flowing water is “live” and is a sign of clean and reliable water. However, the lack of drinking water or uncleanness of pets for a long time will seriously affect kidney and urinary health.
Xiaowan’s smart pet water dispenser simulates the mountain spring and uses circulating water channels. The living water is rich in oxygen, which makes the pet feel like being in nature, satisfying the pet’s natural instinct, and increasing the pet’s drinking interest.

Quadruple deep filtration
Sweet and delicious, since then fell in love with drinking water
Quadruple high-efficiency deep filtration, which intercepts fine particles, residual chlorine in hair, calcium-magnesium ions and other impurities that induce stones, not only cleans, softens the water quality, and tastes sweet, so that pets love to drink water.
Microporous PP mesh, PET cotton activated carbon particles, ion exchange resin
It is recommended to replace the filter element once a month. Soak the filter element in clean water for two minutes before use.
Silent system
The water flow is quieter, allowing pets to sleep well
The Yongquan height has been repeatedly tested, and there is no sound of water, but also attracts pets; diversion and diversion, slow static flow; suspended water pump to reduce resonance. The working noise of the whole machine is controlled below 30dB*, and it is triple silent and comfortable.
*A new way of petting, smart scene linkage
*Mijia APP remote control
*Trivial trivia, remind on time
*Connect to Mijia APP and receive mobile phone push at any time to remind the owner to add water, clean and replace the filter. Respect daily life, lightly press the function key or use APP to switch between different water outlet modes.
*Normal mode: 24 hours continuous spring
*Intelligent mode: high frequency spring in the daytime, intermittent spring in the nighttime

Support Xiaoai classmates voice control
Check status at any time
Support the voice control of Xiaoai classmates*, switch the working mode of the water dispenser at any time, check the status, and experience a new way of intelligent and convenient petting.
Supports the linkage of Xiaomi smart scenes, interconnection with other smart devices*, and enjoy the surprises, beauty and fun brought about by science and technology.

Humanized light reminder
Real-time observation
Light indication, at a glance. Transparent window to observe the water level in real time. When the amount of water is insufficient, in addition to the Mijia APP will remind you to add water, the red water level indicator of the fuselage lights up, and it will also remind you to add water to your pet.

Pull up the “little tongue”
Automatic power off, easy to add water
It only takes one step to add water, without turning off the power, pull up the “little tongue” to automatically cut off the power, and add water or change water easily.
After the top cover is put back into place, the water dispenser can resume work

Minimalist structure, separation of water and electricity
Simple washing without burden
Patented design*, hidden circuit, true separation of water and electricity, smooth sink, cleaning the sink is as convenient and effortless as washing the water bowl.
Food contact grade water storage material
Every sip of water pets can drink with confidence
Tested by authoritative institutions, the water storage top cover and the water storage tank meet the requirements of food contact level*, and the entrance is safe, giving pets more detailed care.
2L water capacity, travel with confidence
Uninterrupted fresh water
The water capacity of the water dispenser is 2L, which can satisfy an adult cat’s water consumption for about 47 days*, even if the owner travels for a short distance, fresh live water is continuously supplied. The top cover can store water and provide a small amount of emergency drinking water even if the power is cut off.
Full of security
Intelligent power off and anti-idling, nylon braided power cord, non-slip foot pad, Mijia APP can turn off the mode indicator, full of security details, I understand your little worry
Smart power off
Nylon braided wire: not easy to bite
Double-layer foot pads: reinforced, stable and non-slip
One click to turn off the reminder light without disturbing at night
Applicable objects: cats and small and medium-sized dogs
Not suitable for pets and large dogs within three months
*The test data is calculated based on a 5kg adult cat drinking about 200mL a day, and the cumulative drinking water in 7 days is about 1400mL. In actual use, there may be errors due to changes in the objective environment or differences in pet type, age, health, and habits.
*Suitable for adult dog breeds with shoulder height below 40cm.
Filter instructions
*1: First soak the filter element in clean water for 2 minutes
*2: Install the filter element in the filter element groove
*3: Put the top cover back into the water storage tank
*4: Press and hold the filter reset button on the bottom of the water dispenser for 2 seconds, the mode indicator turns long white, and the filter starts to count again
Pump filter assembly Replacement instructions
As shown in the figure, just install the water pump filter assembly on the water pump.
Water pipe replacement instructions
As shown in the figure, the water guiding pipe can be installed and connected between the water pump and the top cover.
*It is recommended to change the filter element and pump filter assembly once a month
*The water pipe is recommended to be changed every two months






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