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Xiaomi Smart Mi Home Kit Gateway 3 Wireless Switch Human Sensor Door Window Sensor Temperature Humidity Mijia App Remote Control




Origin: Mainland China

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Features: Ride On

Features: Slot

Gyro: Xiaomi Remote Control

Model Number: Xiaomi Smart Home Kit

Control Channels: 2 Channels

Max Speed: Work For Mi Home APP

Scale: 1:12

Certification: NONE

Xiaomi Door Window Sensor 2

– Opening and closing records
– New light sensor
– Access to Xiao Ai's voice broadcast
Product name: Xiaomi door and window sensor 2
Product model: MCCGQ02HL
Product size: 34.0×32.7×14.5mm
Wireless connection: Bluetooth 5.1BLE
Battery model: CR2032 (installed)
Working temperature: -10°℃~50℃
Working humidity: 0%-95%RH, no condensation

Xiaomi Human Sensor 2

This product needs to be used with a BT gateway or a BT Mesh gateway.

▪ Time Delay Function: If there is nobody in the setting time, it will automatically shut down the air conditioning and TV

▪ Intelligent Inductinon: When you wake up in the light, it will turn on the light for you

▪ Nightlight Function: It will automatically open when someone pass by

▪ Notice Function: You might be informed, when your loved pet slip out

▪ Wide detect range——about 7 meters, 130 degree angle.

▪ New add light sensor——smarter scenes according to ambient.

▪ New add bracket——rotate 180 degree freely.

Xiaomi Temperature Sensor 2

–Home hygrometer, data can be clearly read in various brightness and angle.
–High sensitivity and accurate sensirion from Switzerland, sense subtle change of temperature and humidity a breath away.
–An expression to spell over comfort level, cute and simple.
–Low consumption screen, a CR2032 button battery for one-year.
–Built-in advanced Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor, temperature accuracy: 0.1 degrees, humidity accuracy: 0.1 percent RH
–Via Mi app to switch on humidifier when indoor humidity is too low and  air-conditioner when indoors temperature is too high
–LED digital display, you can get temperature, humidity easily
Product size: 43 × 43 × 12.5mm
Working voltage: DC2.5V-3V
Battery model: CR2032 (installed)
Wireless connection: Support For Bluetooth 4.2
Temperature measurement range: 0 ° -60 °
Temperature display resolution: 0.1 °
Humidity measurement range: 0% -99% RH
Humidity display resolution: 1% RH

Xiaomi Wireless Switch

Wireless switch, a neccessary device for Smart Home.
Simply step installation, easy to use.
Custom turn on/off other smart home products.
Collocate with Xiaomi Smart Home Devices Set, you can own more different uses.
Super practical equipment for you and your family.

Xiaomi Mijia Light Sensor

  • Light detection

  • High sensitivity range

  • Intelligent linkage

  • Waterproof design for life

  • This Product Needs To Be Used With Xiaomi mijia Intelligent Multimodes Gateway

Wireless Connection :  Zigbee 3.0

  • Working Temperature  : -10°C – 50 °C

  • Detection Range : 0 – 83,000lux

  • Product Size : 40 * 40 *12mm

  • Battery Model : CR2450

  • Working Humidity 0%-95%RH Non-condensing

Xiaomi Touch Sensor

1. All-around projection function
2. Video relay function
3. Touch the Internet connection scene function

Sensing temperature and humidity changes

Temperature and humidity are closely related to our health. Sudden changes may cause you to have dry mouth, colds, fever, allergies, and discomfort. Mijia thermometer and hygrometer can perceive changes in temperature and humidity for you。

Linking smart devices with Mijia Support For Bluetooth Network

Hot weather, automatic air-conditioning Certain temperature is reached in the Mijia app,Automatically turn the air conditioner on or off


Water Sensor, Door Sensor, Human Sensor, Wireless Switch, Light Sensor, Mijia Temperature 2, 2Pcs Touch Sensor


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