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2023 XIAOMI MIJIA Omni Robot 1S Mop Smart Home Self Cleaning Tools Dirt Disposal Dust Collection Self Cleaning Empty Dock





Brand Name: xiaomi

XiaoMi Model: Mijia Robot 1S

Function: Mopping & Sweeping & Suction Type

Origin: Mainland China

Power (W): 75W

Voltage (V): 220V

Dust Box Capacity (L): >2 L

Remote Control: No

Special Suction Nozzle: Wiping & Absorbing Ground Brush

Filter Type: HEPA

Weight: >10 kg

Bag Or Bagless: Bagless


Dust Storage Type: Fabric Dust Bag

Battery Life: 2 hours

Installation: Robot

Timing Reservation: Yes

Size(mm): 350 * 350 * 104mm

Number of operating modes: 1-2

Number of nozzles: 1-3 nozzles

Cord Length (m): Wireless

Cleaning Route: Planned Type

Certification: ce

Liquid tank volume: <3l

Battery Type: Li-ion

Turbo Brush: YES

Release Date: 2023

Robot Weight: 3.7Kg

Base Weight: 8.3Kg

The weight of the water inlet and outlet: 3.2Kg

Dust Bag Capacity: 2.5L

Robot Size: 350*350*104mm

Base Size: 423*340*568mm

Features 1: robot aspirador

Features 2: robotrack 1s

Features 3: aspirador robo inteligente








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Xiaomi Mijia Omni Robot Cleaning Mop 1S Main

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* Support Automatic water up and down, automatic addition of detergent, automatic mop washing, automatic dust collection, automatic hot air drying
* It can be fully automatic up and down the water, There is no need for manual participation in the whole process
* Install the special cleaning agent into the cleaning base, and the cleaning liquid will be automatically added before each mop cleaning.
* Double mop 180 rpm* high-speed rotation, 5 times efficient cleaning power
* Built-in 2.5L dust bag, no need to change the dust bag for up to 30 days.
* Ultrasonic carpet recognition, intelligent automatic lifting of mop
* Equipped with super-sensing AI recognition system and artificial intelligence graphics algorithm
* Using the industry’s leading laser navigation technology, without fear of light and environmental interference.
* The suction performance has been upgraded again, equipped with a 4000Pa fan
* Dual air duct dust collection design, 10 seconds to empty the dust box garbage.

Mop 1S Packing list((Does not include upper and lower water devicesAdditional purchase is required, please be aware)

Host *1
Base (including dust bag, clean water tank, sewage tank, cleaning tray) *1
Main brush *1
Main brush cover *1
Mop *1
Dust box *1
Side brush *1
Mop tray *2
Power cord *1
Cleaning tool *1
Manual *1

Packing list 2: Automatic water supply and discharge device

Up and down water module *1
Three-point right angle elbow *2
Two-point right angle elbow *2
Three-point lock plate *6
Two-point lock piece *9
Water pipe fixing clip *1
Clean water adapter *1
Sewage adapter *1
Control box *1
Cable tie *1
Clear water three-way valve *1
Three-point sewage pipe *1
Two-point clean water pipe *1
Covered wire tube *1
Cable management clip *1
Manual *1

More details, please check:


XIAOMI MIJIA Omni Robot Vacuum Cleaners 1S

Fully automatic up and down water, completely free hands, no need to frequently add water and clean up sewage.

* Automatic water inlet and outlet devices need to be purchased separately

Why choose XIAOMI MIJIA Omni Robot Vacuum Cleaners 1S?

Fully automatic cleaning, no manual water changes required
Automatic water up and down, automatic addition of detergent, automatic mop washing, automatic dust collection, automatic hot air drying
Double rotary mop, supercharged mopping and cleaning is more efficient
The mop recognizes the carpet and automatically lifts it
S-Cross AI™ Stereo Recognition to Avoid Obstacles
Automatically add water, mopping the floor without interruption

Fully automatic AI cleaning base

It can be fully automatic up and down the water, completely liberating your hands
There is no need for manual participation in the whole process, completely saying goodbye to frequent operations such as changing water and pouring water.
After washing the mop, the sewage tank is automatically filled with water for cleaning

Add detergent automatically

Install the special cleaning agent into the cleaning base, and the cleaning liquid will be automatically added before each mop cleaning.
It is more convenient than adding manually, and the proportion of adding is more accurate

Automatically add cleaning solution, scientifically configure the ratio of water and cleaning solution,
The antibacterial rate of detergents can reach 99.9%, and the ground is healthier
*Received the impact of the customs policy of each country, the cleaner can only be sent to some countries, some regions need to buy separately, you can contact us online to consult

The mop is automatically cleaned, which is cleaner than hand washing

A powerful stream of water rushes into the wash pan, quickly soaking the mop.
High-speed rotation and scraping, clean mop stains and automatically dry, completely free your hands

2 hours hot air drying

When drying, the mop is automatically lifted up for 2 hours of hot air drying, which effectively avoids moisture and odor, keeps the mop dry and avoids the growth of bacteria

10s automatic dust collection, the dust bag can be used for up to 30 days

Double air duct cycle automatic dust collection, built-in 2.5L dust bag, 10s can complete garbage collection. Up to 30 days without dust bag replacement

Detachable design of cleaning pan

Easier to clean and maintain

Clean the floor in one sentence

Intelligent control

Connected to MI HOME APP, it can be controlled remotely. Customize your exclusive cleaning plan, more convenient.redway

Simulate artificial supercharging to easily clean stubborn stains

Simulated artificial pressurization has 5 times the high-efficiency cleaning ability, and the double mop rotates at high speed to strongly wipe off dry stains on the ground, coffee stains and other stains.
Lower noise in single drag mode, no disturbing sleep at all

The water tank of the main engine automatically refills water

The base can add water to the host water tank. No manual operation required. With special floor cleaner, the floor sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%.

The mop can be raised and lowered automatically

Ultrasonic recognition of the carpet, automatically lift the mop, turn on the super suction, strong vacuuming without wetting the carpet. Avoid secondary pollution of the ground.

4000Pa super suction, easy to clean hair debris and other large particles of garbage

Equipped with a 4000Pa fan and 4 suction modes, the daily garbage on the ground can be cleaned well,redway

S-Mopping assistant™ Smart Mopping Assistant

The new S-Mopping assistant™ intelligent wet mopping assistant, when the sensor detects that the water level of the clean water tank is low,
the base and the host are linked to intelligently distribute the water volume ratio to ensure that the mopping is not interrupted.redway

Automatic obstacle avoidance

Smart room recognition +personalized custom clearing how to sweep and mop,you have the final say

3D Maps

3D stereo map can be generated in MI HOME APP, and it supports manual editing of furniture, which is more intelligent

More detail design

Touch buttons support child lock to prevent misuse
Slim base doesn’t take up much space
Anti-drop sensor, no fear of stairs and steps
0TA upgrade is more intelligent

Please confirm the installation environment before use

1. A height of more than 28cm needs to be reserved above the base.
2. The water pressure of the tap water source is 0.14-1MPa
3. Floor drain/wall outlet height≤40CM
4. Power socket (will not be exposed to water)














Accessory, Omni robot 1S

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us, EU, UK, AU

Ships From

Russian Federation, China


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